In every culture throughout the world, the sight of smooth, glowing, unblemished skin signifies health and well-being. Whenever you smile, hold someone’s hand, or walk along the beach, your skin is one of the first things others notice about you.

Whether you want to restore the beauty of your skin, or have it look and feel better than it ever has, The Skin Spa at Plastic Surgery Associates is the place to realize the healthiest skin for your best self.

The Skin Spa isn’t like other spas. It’s a medical spa – the only clinic in the River Region to offer advanced technology for total skin care under the supervision of board-certified plastic surgeons. Our fully-equipped suites provide safe and effective treatments by licensed medical technicians and professional aestheticians dedicated to providing unsurpassed personal care.

Feel good – and look good – in your own skin by restoring its vitality and beauty with advanced, non-surgical procedures at The Skin Spa.




It's the "Gold Standard" procedure to eliminate varicose and spider veins, and Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery is the first practice in Alabama to offer this technique by a RN.

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Want that muffin top gone? Piece of cake.

Get rid of stubborn midsection fat quickly, easily and safely with revolutionary, non-invasive CoolSculpting® treatments performed in the comfort of our office.

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